Free Persona Worksheet 

Create a User Centric Journey: Use the Persona Worksheet to learn how to quickly serve your key stakeholders

With Certified Usability Analysts on staff, and hundreds of websites and applications designed, Fig Leaf's team of experts knows a thing or two about designing and developing online user experiences.

When we work with clients, we start by interactively developing Personas.  Now, with our Free Worksheet, you can do this yourself, or in advance of a project with Fig Leaf.  Use the worksheet to:

  1. Understand your customer needs and interests
  2. Identify where your customers spend their time 
  3. Generate better quality leads
  4. Develop consistency across your organization
  5. Establish closed-loop analytics
  6. Create better content to drive new website visits, engage and delight your visitors, prospects and customers

The persona worksheet is a five (5) page document designed to be used by your team to quickly create personas in advance of your website redesign.