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Fast Track to Adobe ColdFusion

Available in-person or Online!

The (NEW!) Fast Track to ColdFusion is 4-day course which provides experienced Web developers with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to start building and maintaining dynamic and interactive Web applications using the ColdFusion application server. This course was authored by Fig Leaf Software, based on our decades of practical Adobe ColdFusion consulting experiences.

This course covers ColdFusion versions 10/11 and 2016

Course Objectives

  • Create a connection to a database using the ColdFusion Administrator
  • Use ColdFusion Builder to efficiently develop and troubleshoot code
  • Capture information in HTML forms
  • Read and write information to/from a database.
  • Represent complex structures using abstract data types – lists, arrays, and structures
  • Separate your application into a three-tiered architecture of User Interface components, Business Logic, and SQL for easier maintainability and flexibility
  • Dynamically send electronic mail
  • Secure your application using a password-based framework
  • Implement a RESTful API to support modern javascript-based web apps
  • Implement a simple ColdFusion application using best practices.

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