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TRAINING: Web Dev with Symfony Components for Drupal 8 (January 25-27, 2017)

Posted by Fig Leaf Software on Nov 29, 2016 8:02:00 AM
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This three day training course is the best starting point for all PHP developers who wish to get ready with Drupal 8 or simply want to improve their knowledge in object oriented web development. During these three days, you will learn how to build a full featured web application with some of the Symfony Core components and also discover some of the best web development practices.

Class Dates:

January 25-27, 2017 Online or In-person in Washington, DC

Course Prerequisites

To gain the most from this class, you should already have:

  • Good knowledge of the PHP language and object oriented design
  • Desire to use Symfony to develop sites using Drupal 8 or Acquia Drupal 8. 

Course Objectives

This training course is targeted to PHP developers who wish to improve their knowledge of PHP and object oriented programming. This is also the best starting point to get started with PHP web development on top of the Drupal 8 CMS. In only three days, take the Symfony Core components into your hands and learn how to build modern and evolutive web applications.

Course Outline

HTTP, Composer, and Symfony
  • HTTP protocol and client / serveur interactions
  • Industrialising PHP (PSRs, coding conventions, coding styles)
  • Introduction to the Symfony framework
  • The Symfony community
  • The Symfony components
  • Introduction to Composer
  • Installing the Symfony components with Composer
The HttpFoundation Component
  • The Request object
  • The Response object
  • The Session object
  • The Cookie object
  • Reading the request parameters
  • Generating and modifying the response
  • Sending the response to the client
  • Dealing with the user's session
  • Triggering HTTP redirects
The Routing Component
  • Introduction to routing
  • The Router object
  • The RouteCollection object
  • The Route object
  • Configuring routes in the router
  • Matching routes with the router
  • Generating urls based on the routing configuration
  • Mapping parameters with a route
  • Constrainting urls parameters with requirements
The HttpKernel Component
  • The HttpKernelInterface interface
  • The HttpKernel object
  • The ControllerResolver object
  • Creating an application kernel
  • Converting the request into a response
  • Matching the current request
  • Executing a controller
  • Generating a response
  • Handling 404 error pages
  • Handling 500 error pages
The EventDispatcher Component
  • Introduction to the Observer design pattern
  • The EventDispatcher object
  • Dispatching events in the application
  • Connecting listeners to dispatched events
  • Extending the application with the event dispatcher
  • Using events and listeners to filter the request and the response
The DependencyInjection Component
  • Introduction to dependency injection
  • The service container object
  • Configuring the service container
  • Registering services into the container
  • Requesting a service to the container
  • Storing global configuration parameters in the container
Introduction to the Twig template engine
  • Installing Twig with Composer
  • Rendering a template with Twig
  • Passing variables to the Twig template
  • Using template inheritance to avoid code duplications
  • Filters, functions, macros, operators, testers and tags
  • Variables management with the dot notation
  • Creating Twig extensions

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