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18 Experts Share Ideas for Your Association Website Redesign

Posted by Fig Leaf Software on Dec 12, 2016 1:11:38 PM

As we gear up to sponsor the ASAE Technology Conference, we asked our team of experts a single question:  "Thinking about a website design for an association in 2017: What is the most important recommendation you would give an association considering a website redesign next year?"  Below are responses from across the agency: 

1) "Websites should offer a speedy mobile experience." ~ Etienne Stettler

2) "I recommend high quality photography. It best catches the eye visually. If there aren't any photos available, illustrated graphics help too."  ~ Julie Kang

3) "The most important things to consider when redesigning a website are making it accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities, and to ensure that the website works across all types of devices. As such, the website should utilize Responsive Design and adhere to Section 508 Standards and the WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.)"  ~ Christian Abad

4) "It's all about engagement. No matter if you are seeking to attract new members, or dive deeper with your current members, associations need to spend time thinking through every step of their engagement cycle. Membership organizations who utilize a Member Centric Journey are better able to attract, convert, service and delight new and existing members." ~ Bret Peters

5) "Dynamic, persuasive content is in: whether using inline video or scroll-triggered content changes, website visitors expect complex content to be engaging to view and read. Not every page must be like this -- focus on your core messages and most innovative content contributions, and spend the time (and budget) to develop a compelling page that tells an immersive story to your audience. People will spend more time reviewing and understanding what you have to say, and as a bonus, they're more likely to share the page with their peers."  ~ Jessica Moore

6) "Your website should pass the 5 Second Rule. Namely, when a user comes to your site for the first time they should be able to answer the following questions within 5 seconds:

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How to Grow Membership for Bar Associations

Posted by Bret Peters on Nov 18, 2016 12:48:35 PM


Bar Associations have a longstanding history in the United States. Once the American Bar Association was founded in 1878, the standard was set for lawyers across the country. It sent a ripple effect across various states and institutions, calling for lawyers to join together in order to advance the practice of law in a state or region. 

Many things have changed since the late 1800s, however. Lawyers can now connect more easily than ever with digital technology to communicate and take continuing legal education (CLE) courses. Thus, in order to maximize potential for growing membership and furthering the legal practice, bar associations can adopt an inbound marketing methodology

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Drive Membership for Your Association with HubSpot

Posted by Bret Peters on Sep 29, 2016 4:45:52 PM

As trade associations and member organizations strive to find new and better ways to generate member engagement, those that have discovered the power of Inbound Marketing are reaping the rewards.  Associations are re-inventing the traditional buyer’s journey to create a Member Centric JourneyTM which provides improved online engagement experiences -- experiences that traditionally have started just with email.

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