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'Tis the Season to Update Your CRM Pipeline

Posted by Bret Peters on Dec 5, 2016 2:30:46 PM
Bret Peters
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As companies seek to close out the calendar year, sales managers are talking to their sales reps about updating their pipeline and pulling in any additional year-end deals that they feel they can close before December 31st.

Sales managers work hard to make sure reps keep their pipeline updated regularly and they do this via dashboards and review sessions. That being said, reps know that deals can often take longer to close than they originally predict. Days can turn into weeks, weeks into months, and in the case of large or complex deals, years.

Sales reps sometimes have a hard time admitting that a specific deal won't close. It can sit in their pipeline for weeks or months. Sales reps are generally optimistic and therefore often hang-on to certain deals in their pipeline in hopes that the deal will close.

The end of the year brings about an opportunity for a pipeline cleanse. If your organization is using the cloud-based HubSpot Customer Relationship Management software, the good news is that your reps can quickly bulk edit and disposition leads based on a wide variety of criteria.

  1. Login to your HubSpot Sales Portal
  2. Navigate to the deals section
  3. Select the criteria you want to customize your view
  4. Bulk edit deals -- in the picture shown, we're updating the Deal Stage
HubSpot CRM Bulk Edit.png

Fig Leaf is a HubSpot Platinum Partner with extensive expertise implementing and customizing the HubSpot CRM for customers of all sizes.  No matter if you seek to integrate HubSpot with Salesforce, or train your sales team to use HubSpot as your primary or only CRM, Fig Leaf can get you up and running quickly and train your staff. 

The HubSpot CRM is free and there is no per seat charge like some other Customer Relationship Management systems.  Tis the season to clean your pipeline and give CRM access to your entire staff for free.  HubSpot's CRM is the gift that keeps on giving -- with everyone in your organization using the system, everyone will benefit in 2017, especially your customers. 

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