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HubSpot CMS for SEO with Google AdWords Drives Results

Posted by Bret Peters on Oct 26, 2017 2:38:39 PM
Bret Peters
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You don't have anyone in your business who builds websites or does marketing? Then you may find this case study relevant to your business.

As a medical professional, a dentist is smart, technical and capable. Dentists rely on patients as their customers and the life blood of their businesses. Like other medical professionals, they have a business to run but they need to be able to focus on their patients. Doctors don’t have a lot of time to focus on building and maintaining a website, let alone a marketing platform. Most doctors also don't have employees who know how to do digital marketing or website design and development.

When Dr. Bakhtyari at Premier Dental Care approached Fig Leaf, his main concern was driving traffic to his website by buying Google AdWords. He was unhappy with his AdWords consultant and wanted to know if there was a way he could be more effective with his money.

Premier Dental Care Home Page


Fig Leaf implemented a new Google AdWords program and immediately performed a full site and content audit to look for other ways to improve the practice’s online presence. Fig Leaf performed a site redesign and implemented the new design using the HubSpot CMS. That decision made it easy two years later when Fig Leaf took the doctor through a second website redesign by swapping out the HubSpot templates with the new website design and leveraging HubSpot's photo library along with his own practice photos. 

At the onset, Fig Leaf began optimizing each HubSpot page for search engines and we created specialized landing pages to promote core services which were tied to offline advertising and online social, email and AdWords promotions. One of the biggest factors in boosting SEO for Premier Dental Care was a content strategy plan which included the launch of a blog and regular social promotions and contests.

Since retaining Fig Leaf, Premier Dental Care in Virginia has achieved more than seven times (7x) return on investment each year and we’ve consistently lowered the practice’s online customer acquisition cost.

HubSpot is easy to learn so if you have a small staff and want a single platform to manage your site, post to social media, send email, create ads, and measure performance, HubSpot is worth your consideration.

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