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Hello Drupal (Intro to Drupal for Everyone)

Posted by Fig Leaf Software on Dec 23, 2015 10:47:46 AM
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This is a free introductory seminar for people who are curious about Drupal and want to find out more about it. Whether you're an experienced web developer or implementing your first web content management system, your Drupal guide will tailor the presentation to suit your needs. During the presentation, you will review how to create a new site on Drupal Gardens as well as the basics principles of managing content, adding functionality, and theming Drupal web sites.

Duration: 4 Hours
Price: FREE
Online Price: FREE

Intro to Drupal Course Prerequisites

This course is suitable to anyone who is interested in building a website or application online. Whether you're an experienced web developer or a trapeze artist making her first website for an alternative circus, your Drupal guide will tailor the presentation to suit your own needs. Make sure you speak up to ask questions!

Intro to Drupal Course Outline

Session 1. - Getting Started with Drupal
Exercise 1.1 - Change site name and slogan
Exercise 1.2 - Add content
Exercise 1.3 - Add a static block

Session 2. - Configuration Before Code
Exercise 2 - Add a webform to your site

Session 3. Thinking like Drupal
Exercise 3.1 - Create a content type
Exercise 3.2 - Create content
Exercise 3.3 - Create some sample content
Exercise 3.4 - Build a query of content with Views and output a block
Exercise 3.5 - Place the block in a region on your page
Exercise 3.6 - Check the position of all your blocks
Exercise 3.7 - Change the layout of your site
Exercise 3.8 - Add custom CSS
Exercise 3.9 - Change the look of the site

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