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Free Persona Worksheet: Personas are People Too!

Posted by Bret Peters on Apr 11, 2017 3:06:27 PM
Bret Peters
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Free Persona Worksheet from Fig Leaf Software.jpgOur talented team of marketers and user experience experts has come up with a detailed five (5) page Persona Worksheet that they use when working with clients in advance of an inbound marketing or website redesign project. 

The Free Persona Worksheet will help you learn how to quickly serve your key stakeholders by working with your team and the data you have collected over time.  Use the Worksheet as a do-it-yourself project with your team, or in advance of a project with Fig Leaf. The Persona Worksheet is designed to help you:

  1. Understand your customer needs and interests
  2. Identify where your customers spend their time 
  3. Generate better quality leads
  4. Develop consistency across your organization
  5. Establish closed-loop analytics
  6. Create better content to drive new website visits, engage and delight your visitors, prospects and customers

Feel free to share this with your colleagues and coworkers so you can have maximum impact in your web and online efforts. 

Download Persona Worksheet

The Worksheet has been designed for you by our marketing, UI/UX, Certified Usability Analysts, and Engagement Managers based off of the user experience and customer journey work they've done for hundreds of clients.  

The Worksheet is recommended for use by Government, Universities, K12, Associations, Nonprofits, Corporations and organizations seeking to create personalized content and journeys for their visitors and users. We regularly create personalized journeys for websites we've redesigned and implemented in a variety of Content Management Systems including: Drupal, Wordpress, Episerver, Ektron, CommonSpot, Sitefinityand the HubSpot COS.  


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