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Fig Leaf Launches Symfony Training for PHP and Drupal Developers

Posted by Bret Peters on Oct 12, 2016 1:58:57 PM
Bret Peters
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Fig Leaf Software, a leading training firm for web designers and web developers, announces a strategic partnership with SensioLabs, creator of Symfony, to deliver hands-on, instructor-led training to students in the United States and Canada.  Symfony is a PHP application framework and the standard foundation on which the best PHP applications are built.  Symfony contains 30 stand-alone components designed to help developers speed the creation and maintenance of their web applications. The new classes include:

The first Web Development with Symfony 3 class will be delivered jointly by SensioLabs trainers at Fig Leaf's DC training center on October 25th – 28th.

"Our partnership with SensioLabs will allow Fig Leaf to deliver Symfony training to the thousands of Drupal developers in North America", states Dave Gallerizzo USMCR (Ret.), CEO of Fig Leaf Software.  "Fig Leaf has trained more than 35,000 students since 1998 and we expect Symfony training to be a key element in helping Drupal 8 developers get the training they need to be successful with their web projects."

SensioLabs, creator of Symfony, Twig and Silex, has been masterminding intelligent solutions and support not only for their free software products, but also for their most recent code checking tools, SensioLabsInsight and Blackfire.io, designed to manage quality and performance over the entire lifecycle of an application. After more than a decade in Europe, SensioLabs recently opened offices in the United States to support the successful development and deployment of PHP projects utilizing Symfony. The partnership with Fig Leaf, focusing on training North American developers, will prove mutually beneficial to both companies in their efforts to respond efficiently and completely to training demands.

"We are seeing tremendous growth in the use of Symfony for web apps and sites in the US and Canada and as a result, web developers are looking to improve their skills and competency with Symfony. As our first North American training partner, Fig Leaf will play a critical role delivering Symfony training since they combine our proven courses and curriculum with their facilities and trainers to deliver training now. In addition, their strong ties to the Drupal community enable them to deliver the necessary training to help Drupal developers transition to Drupal 8." Scott Dahlgren, Managing Director, SensioLabs US.

About SensioLabs: As a leading player in the Open Source community, SensioLabs strives to promote free software innovations and quality, affordable solutions to support them. The company is known for pushing the limits of PHP products that not only satisfy the needs of today's worldwide web market, but pave the way for future innovations. With over 500 million downloads of Symfony2 in the last five years alone, the company's Symfony platform has become one of the most popular frameworks in the open source arena. SensioLabs recently launched new SaaS products such as SensioLabsInsight and Blackfire.io, to better manage quality, code controls, checks and the performance of PHP applications in an effort to help companies and developers create and maintain successful PHP-based projects. Learn more at sensiolabs.com.

Read More: http://www.figleaf.com/symfony/

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