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Fig Leaf Launches a New Wordpress Website for iSynchrony

Posted by Seth Land on Jun 21, 2017 3:08:40 PM
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iSynchrony Home Page.jpgIn late 2016, plans to import from California a novel protocol for treating sufferers of neuropsychiatric disorders began in Oakton, Virginia by a new company called iSynchrony.

The innovative treatment protocol, which has been used with great success to treat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), is individualized Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (iTMS). Based on the results of an electroencephalogram (EEG) reading, iTMS directs short magnetic pulses to the area of the brain in need of stimulation to help synchronize the alpha waves and restore balanced brain wave activity.

The FDA-approved technologies have also been shown to be effective for patients suffering from chemotherapy-induced brain fog, insomnia, chronic pain, concussion and post-concussion syndrome, depression, prescription opioid excess (addiction), stroke-related motor impairment and autism.

This new and unconventional means of treating neuropsychiatric disorders had to be introduced to the more traditional East Coast – especially Washington, DC – in a manner that conveyed scientific soundness without being overly technical. Moreover, iSynchrony, which plans to open many more clinics, wanted to develop a brand that conveyed compassionate treatment – and hope – for those who had likely tried many other types of treatments and were desperate, but wary.

The Solution

iSynchrony engaged Fig Leaf's strategic partner, Boyle Public Affairs, to create such a brand, with messaging, a logo, a style guide, a website, social media accounts and collateral materials. In advance of the official opening of the clinic, BPA was also tasked with publicity and advertising.

Research into the experiences of patients who had exhausted virtually all other types of treatment to no avail – especially veterans suffering from PTSD and/or TBI – and interviews with the treatment providers led to the creation of a butterfly logo to symbolize the emergence from a cocoon of pain and frustration to a happy and high-functioning life. In fact, these words became the tagline for the homepage of the website and the advertisements: “You CAN Be Happy and High-Functioning Again.

The Fig Leaf and Boyle Public Affairs team created a Wordpress website that addressed the types of neuropsychiatric disorders that respond to iTMS and the outcomes that can be achieved with the treatment. For potential patients, the site provides a general description of the treatment through text and graphic illustration; however, for medical professionals, more technical and scientific information is available behind a password-protected gate.

The colors, images and tone of the website content were intentionally designed to project peacefulness and restoration, and the photos depict a wide range of patients with whom visitors may identify. These elements were also captured in the collateral material, the social media accounts and advertising.

Boyle Public Affairs created website content while the Fig Leaf team optimized the site to achieve positive results in search engines to drive traffic to the site.

The Results

The iSynchony clinic opened in Oakton, Virginia in April to “friends and family” in order to collect testimonials – the last element of the website and a vital addition to press releases, media articles, etc. Within weeks, numerous heartfelt testimonials came in as word of the relief the treatment provided has spread – particularly among the veteran community. The implementation team is collecting these on video, as well, to add to the website and to post on social media and the Fig Leaf and Boyle Public Affairs teams have added a blog to repurpose articles and post longer patient case studies which will provide additional SEO opportunities.

The most popular health and wellness publication in the DC area has agreed to run an article about iSynchrony and an organization affiliated with Georgetown University’s Wellness Center is sharing their promotional materials. The first social media messages were posted garnering a number of followers immediately.

With the help from Fig Leaf and Boyle Public Affairs, iSynchrony went from literally no awareness at all, for either the treatment protocol or the company, to now fielding unsolicited inquiries from potential patients and a successful Open House, heralding the official opening of the clinic was well attended. 

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