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Dog Mushing, Aurora Borealis and Fig Leaf

Posted by Bret Peters on Aug 2, 2017 4:50:55 PM
Bret Peters
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Alaska Centers - Trip Planning Drupal by Fig Leaf Software.jpgTake a trip to Alaska! It's the perfect time with a new website launched by Fig Leaf using the Drupal CMS. 

The new guide to experiencing Alaska's Public Lands provides easy access to citizens seeking to visit, or simply learn more about our nation's Alaska treasures.  Visit the Alaska Plublic Lands Information Centers website to learn, explore or plan your trip. 

Fig Leaf restructured navigation and rewrote website content with a state-wide focus, while providing access to location-specific resources for visitors who need it.  The new website includes tools such as discovering public lands by destination, exploring things to do in Alaska (with recommendations on where to do them), finding inspirational itineraries based on your trip length and your interests, planning travel specifics, and visiting local Alaska Centers.  Content was rewritten to be accessible, easy-to-understand, and focused on introducing both visitors and Alaskans to the amazing opportunities for growth and exploration on public lands throughout the state.

In the redesigned website, visitors can view and filter a list of Alaska’s public lands to find the right place to visit, and learn more about each destination.  

Read the Case Study

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