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CASE STUDY: Custom Web Development for Discovery Affiliates

Posted by Bret Peters on Apr 6, 2017 12:01:44 PM
Bret Peters
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The Discovery Channel hired Fig Leaf Software to design and develop a custom content and asset management system for the company’s affiliate program.  The Discovery affiliates include organizations such as the Oprah Winfrey Network, TLC, BBC America, Military Channel, Animal Planet and a host of other organizations.  The purpose of the affiliate portal is to enable affiliates to browse, access and order co-branded marketing materials.

The Solution

The custom content management and asset management system created by Fig Leaf Software is comprised of a front-end and administrative back-end.  Users are required to login and have the required credentials to access either the front-end, designed for users, or administrative (back-end) interfaces.
The administrative interface includes content management, user management, reporting, and orders management functionality.  Additionally, facilities to maintain information (states, silos, sections, etc.) supporting the above functionality are also included.  The affiliate system is full featured with all of the functionality one would expect, including:

  • Login / Sign-up / Logout
  • Contact us
  • Technical sheets
  • Launch forms
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout
  • Search
  • Links to Consumer Sites

Additionally, the system includes specific cross-tagged Silos of information for users based on their role or area of operation:

  • Affiliate Ads: host marketing resources, promotions, cross channel spots and taggable tips, logos and imagery, costume chaacters and cardboard cutouts, broadcast calendar and premiums.
  • Marketing Tools: hosts Discovery Communications press releases, cross channel spots, programming clips, promotions, logos & imagery, print resources, online tools, costume characters and cardboard cutouts.
  • Training: contains training about Discovery, supplemental handouts, share your success strategies and more.
  • Education & Public Affairs: education curriculum opportunities, Children’s Television Act Certification, cable in the classroom programming and educator workshops.

The full feature shopping and cart experience also required Fig Leaf to create a full service administrative interface for the eCommerce system.  The eCommerce functionality includes Product Management, Order Management, Fulfillment, Email Management, List Management, and reporting.

The Results

The affiliate system is easily managed by non-technical marketing staff who have the ability to manage users, media and other assets, content pages, lists, Silos and sections, as well as vendor program management.  The new site has improved the affiliate experience by making it faster and easier for affiliates to access and order the assets they require to market and promote Discovery Channel programming.

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