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CASE STUDY: Custom Video Learning System for iPasos

Posted by Bret Peters on Apr 6, 2017 12:53:11 PM
Bret Peters
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IPASOS provides Spanish-speaking students with hundreds of video lessons in their native language to supplement instruction in mathematics.  This web-based learning system gives students extra support to master critical concepts and academic content with number sense and operations, pre-algebra, algebra-1, and geometry as they gain English proficiency.  The lessons are aligned to state standards, and organized into supplemental courses that mirror curriculums commonly used in middle and high schools.  Students are using these materials to build prior knowledge, review difficult concepts, and prepare for classroom quizzes and state exams.

Trinigy Education Group, the parent company for iPASOS hired Fig Leaf Software to create the entire web-based learning system.

The Solution

Fig Leaf Software kicked-off the project with a design and functional discovery session which resulted in detailed specification documents that included significant wireframes. The project team identified the Adobe technology to be used, and created the new system based on the detailed specifications.  The system supports a variety of scenarios for taking a user to their teacher home page and viewing resources.  The system supports global search and prompts users with additional resources, training videos, and supplemental content to help a teachers succeed with their English Language Learning (ELL) students.  The system has a communication board to ensure easy communication between teachers and students.

The following teacher activities are scenarios supported by the system:

  • Build class
  • Invite students to join class
  • Manage classes
  • Search, view and evaluate student resources
  • Assign student resources
  • Communicate with student(s) and families

The Results

The primary goal of the iPASOS is to empower teachers to easily search and assign supplemental native language resources for their students. iPASOS overcomes several challenges for existing teachers:

  • How to identify native language resources that are aligned to state and national standards
  • How to understand the breadth, scope and nature of the native language content
  • How to easily assign these resources to entire classrooms or individual students
  • How to easily connect and provide native language resources to student’s families

iPASOS points to evidence that students using iPASOS have improved their grades, renewed their enthusiasm for learning, and increased test scores.

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