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Bret Peters
Bret Peters is the CMO at Fig Leaf Software
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HubSpot CMS for SEO with Google AdWords Drives Results

Posted by Bret Peters on Oct 26, 2017 2:38:39 PM

You don't have anyone in your business who builds websites or does marketing? Then you may find this case study relevant to your business.

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Topics: Website Redesign, HubSpot COS, Marketing Automation, Google Analytics, HubSpot CMS, Google AdWords, SEO

Site Building with Drupal 7 Training (Sep 11-12, 2017)

Posted by Bret Peters on Aug 29, 2017 8:42:00 AM

This Drupal 7 training class on is suitable both for users who are new to Drupal 7 and those who want to broaden their Drupal skills. You'll learn best practices for how to make custom content types and use Views as well as use the block system and taxonomy to organize content. You'll also be able to create custom pages, blocks, and RSS feeds on your site. Building calendars and using popular modules to execute complex, dynamic queries of content is also covered in depth.

Course Dates: September 11-12, 2017
Location: Online or Washington, DC Classroom
Audience: Anyone looking to learn Drupal for their agency, company or organization

This class is taught by Acquia Certified Instructors using the Acquia certified training curriculum by Acquia's #1 Training Partner

Drupal 7 or 8? Not sure which training class is right for you?  Read our blog post to learn how to decide.

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Topics: Acquia, Drupal, Online Training, Web Developer, Web Designer, Drupal Site Building, webmaster

HubSpot for Veterans and Spouses with 30% - 90% Discounts

Posted by Bret Peters on Aug 28, 2017 12:44:16 PM

Veterans looking to start a new business can now not only take advantage of resources from the Veterans Administration (such as working with the Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utiliazation), but they can get coaching and heavily discounted software from HubSpot.  HubSpot is a leading maker of sales and marketing software for businesses looking to grow. 

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Topics: HubSpot, HubSpot COS, HubSpot CRM, SDVOSB, HubSpot for Veterans, VOSB, Veterans

Fig Leaf Migrates Machine Shop Website from WordPress to HubSpot COS

Posted by Bret Peters on Aug 25, 2017 12:51:43 AM

When Phoenix Companies, LLC wanted to improve customer and client engagement they hired Fig Leaf to migrate their website from Wordpress to Drupal.  The Phoenix Companies brand  provides end-to-end design and delivery of custom computer enclosures for government and businesses in the United States. 

The foundation of the new company was the TEK-AM Machine Shop, a Virginia company that had continuously operated as a machine shop for over 50 years.  In conjunction with the migration from Wordpress to HubSpot COS, Phoenix desired to utilize the HubSpot Growth Stack to engage and delight customers and visitors.   

Upon kick-off, Fig Leaf worked closely with Phoenix to perform an Inbound Marketing Assessment and strategy audit of the company's existing systems, website content and sales processes.  Fig Leaf completed the audit, recommended an implementation plan and began implementing changes and updates based on agreed upon business goals. 

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Topics: Case Studies, Inbound Marketing, Wordpress, Cloud Hosting, HubSpot CRM, Manufacturing

Dog Mushing, Aurora Borealis and Fig Leaf

Posted by Bret Peters on Aug 2, 2017 4:50:55 PM

Take a trip to Alaska! It's the perfect time with a new website launched by Fig Leaf using the Drupal CMS. 

The new guide to experiencing Alaska's Public Lands provides easy access to citizens seeking to visit, or simply learn more about our nation's Alaska treasures.  Visit the Alaska Plublic Lands Information Centers website to learn, explore or plan your trip. 

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Topics: Drupal, Content Strategy, Case Studies, Website Redesign, content management, 508 Compliance, Accessibility, Government, Usability

Fig Leaf launches new Machine Shop Website on Wordpress

Posted by Bret Peters on Jun 20, 2017 3:54:33 PM

When Phoenix Companies, LLC needed a firm to support their corporate growth and re-branding, they turned to Fig Leaf.  The company's CEO, Sina Sabet, had recently acquired several small businesses and consolidated them under the Phoenix Companies brand to provide end-to-end design and delivery of custom computer enclosures for government and businesses in the United States. 

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Topics: Case Studies, Inbound Marketing, Wordpress, Cloud Hosting, HubSpot CRM, Manufacturing

Adobe ColdFusion in the AWS Cloud

Posted by Bret Peters on Jun 20, 2017 8:52:33 AM

Fig Leaf has been developing ColdFusion websites and applications since version 1.0 when our founders, Steve Drucker and Dave Watts, wrote the ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit books with Ben Forta. With the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) our team began deploying ColdFusion websites and applications in the cloud as an Amazon Consulting Partner.   

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Topics: Adobe ColdFusion, Amazon Web Services, Cloud Hosting

Fig Leaf Launches New HubSpot COS Website for Dan Quiggle

Posted by Bret Peters on Jun 15, 2017 9:32:55 AM

Author, Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker, Dan Quiggle hired Fig Leaf to implement a new professional website on the HubSpot COS in conjunction with the launch of his successful new podcast, "Garage to Goliath". 

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Topics: HubSpot, HubSpot COS, HubSpot CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing

Free Technology Lunch & Learn

Posted by Bret Peters on Jun 1, 2017 11:28:51 AM







Invite our experts to present to your team [In-person or Online]. You supply the Internet and we'll supply the presentation! 

We invite you to schedule a free Lunch & Learn presentation for your team. We know your team is busy, so why not let them learn about new technology with their peers over lunch.  
Here are just a few of the topics we can cover in an hour: 

  • Moving to the Cloud with Amazon EC2 / Amazon GovCloud
  • Getting Started with Drupal 8
  • Migrating from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8
  • Creating a voice interface to your data with Amazon Alexa Services
  • Easy Restful Web Service API development and management
  • Developing custom applications with Salesforce.com Lightning Components
  • Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Programming Best Practices (Node JS, ECMAScript 7, Sencha Ext JS, Adobe ColdFusion)
  • Introduction to AI with IBM Watson
  • Developing microservices in the cloud with Amazon Lambada and Heroku
  • Adobe Acrobat / 508 Accessibility
  • Creating a Citizen Centric Journey with inbound marketing 

Want something else that's not on the list? Just ask.  We've trained 35,000 students and developed hundreds of web applications. We've got tons of knowledge to share.  

Distributed team? We can present to your team remotely as well. 

Schedule Lunch & Learn

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Topics: Drupal 8, Sencha, NodeJS, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe ColdFusion, HubSpot, 508 Compliance, Accessibility, CMS, CRM, Inbound Marketing, Amazon Web Services, Cloud Hosting, Ext JS, Internet of Things (IoT), IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa, ECMAScript, Amazon Lambda, Heroku, Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning

TRAINING: Drupal 7 Module Development (May 25-26, 2017)

Posted by Bret Peters on May 5, 2017 10:08:00 AM

In this two (2) day course taught by Fig Leaf Software and designed by Acquia, you'll learn how to get custom functionality using Drupal 7's hook system, as well as how to extend or alter contributed module functionality. You should have prior experience using custom content types, Views, and Panels to create websites but may have never built your own module. You will start by writing a simple module and work your way into writing a complex module, step by step using Forms API, Schema API, all of the top ten Drupal hooks, and creating custom database tables. You also learn how to insert and extract data using Drupal's core database abstraction layer and modify contributed modules using patches by using best practices, security techniques, conventions and coding standards.

Course Dates: May 25-26
Location: Washington, DC and Online

Register Me!

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Topics: Drupal 7, Drupal, Drupal Module Development, Online Training, Washington DC, Web Developer

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