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Adobe ColdFusion in the AWS Cloud

Posted by Bret Peters on Jun 20, 2017 8:52:33 AM
Bret Peters
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Fig Leaf has been developing ColdFusion websites and applications since version 1.0 when our founders, Steve Drucker and Dave Watts, wrote the ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit books with Ben Forta. With the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) our team began deploying ColdFusion websites and applications in the cloud as an Amazon Consulting Partner.   

Amazon was just named as a leader in the Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) by Gartner for the 7th consecutive year.

Gartner Magic Quadrant AWS June 2017.jpgWhen we deploy on AWS, our hosting services are primarily targeted toward enterprises. As such, we don't offer any Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions. Most of our customers purchase their own licenses for Adobe ColdFusion directly from Fig Leaf or from Adobe, and use those licenses on one or more EC2 instances (servers) within a single Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) within AWS. Each customer has their own dedicated EC2 instances and their own VPC - no infrastructure is shared.

EC2 instances are available with a monthly fee. This is called "on-demand" usage. The monthly fee for a single m4.xlarge EC2 instance - the minimum we recommend for running Windows and ColdFusion - is a bit over USD 300.00 for 100% utilization. For production use over long periods of time, we recommend the purchase of a reserved instance. This can significantly reduce the cost of an EC2 instance, but requires a significant upfront payment, which can either be complete or partial. If the payment is partial, there will still be a monthly payment for that EC2 instance, but the overall cost will still be lower than USD 3,600.00 annually. This would not include a ColdFusion license.

AWS does provide the ability to "rent" a ColdFusion license with an EC2 instance, but only for Windows. This involves deploying an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) built by Adobe. This can be used with a reserved instance, but you will still have to pay an additional fee for the ColdFusion license.

Most of our customers use Amazon Remote Database Services (RDS) for database functionality. RDS is available for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and other common database platforms. Pricing is similar to EC2, and includes the same sort of "on-demand" and "reserved instance" pricing. RDS provides a dedicated database server that doesn't require management of the OS or database software.

Finally, we typically provide managed services at an additional cost. These services can cover management of the servers as well as arbitrary development or infrastructure tasks if needed.

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