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5 Great Drupal Websites for Government Agencies

Posted by Bret Peters on Jul 21, 2016 12:33:18 PM
Bret Peters
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Government websites aren’t always known for being nice.  In fact, a simple google search reveals some very poor examples of government websites, much to the shame of the agencies that host them.  Yet, in today’s age, it’s becoming easier for government agencies to make stunning, user-friendly websites with content management systems like Drupal.

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Since Drupal is known as the “developer friendly” CMS, it offers increased flexibility and usability across comparable CMS. This allows government agencies to make stunning websites that attract more monthly visitors than before.

Here are five government agencies that have taken advantage of Drupal’s versatility with great websites. The following examples were selected based on three main criteria:

  • Design: aesthetically pleasing, professional, mobile responsive
  • User Experience (UX): easy-to-use navigation, meeting the needs of users
  • Content: delivers quality based on the purpose and mission of organization  

1. The Department of the Interior

The Department of the Interior has a clear mission: to protect the great outdoors. With Drupal, they’ve been able to capture this mission visually.


The DOI site header has scrolling pictures of beautiful sites from around the country. When a user looks at these interchanging photos, the agency’s mission takes on new form. Below the photos is an easy-to-use navigation bar, directing visitors to learn more about the agency and how to get involved. Within government agencies, it can often be difficult to discover where they fit within the larger governmental framework, but this site has made it easy-to-follow with link groupings on the respective Bureaus and Offices involved in the greater Department. The site is fully equipped with modern graphics, updated news and blog posts and other interactive content to inform and delight the user. Overall, the Department of the Interior utilizes the various modules Drupal offers to enact engage and inform users.

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2. The Federal Communications Commission

The FCC has a multi-faceted audience, including consumers, businesses, communication agencies and lawyers. With a diverse set of needs, the FCC website is able to diversify and categorize its content. The website is clean, easy to use and responsive on mobile devices. There are calls-to-action, like filing a consumer complaint, easily accessible on the home page. In addition, there are a variety of reports and plans made available for businesses and communication agencies, as well as updates on proceedings and rulings for lawyers. While the quality of the content could be better, the platform makes up for it by providing content in an aesthetically pleasing format and by providing information that is easy to access and digest. The FCC utilizes Drupal’s simplified platform with an abundance of modules to create a positive user experience for its multiple audiences.



3. The Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration website doesn’t just inform lay people about its services, but it inspires and equips small business owners to grow their businesses. A glance at the home page reveals a scrolling screen with helpful news and blog articles for small business owners. The navigation bar also prioritizes useful information that doesn’t just direct visitors to SBA-specific services, but also informs them on better business practices. Through the use of Drupal’s innovative CMS platform, the SBA is able to utilize an inbound approach towards prospective users, drawing them in with good quality content and bringing them further down the Citizen Centric Journey with calls-to-action like signing up for their email list, which pops up as soon as you visit the site. The SBA website is not only true to its mission of empowering small business owners and providing loans and micro financing, but it’s also easy and enjoyable to use.

Small Business Administration Home Page Example


4. SelectUSA

SelectUSA, a program of the International Trade Administration, seeks to grow foreign investment in the United States. The home page emphasizes its determination to inform businesses about the advantages of investing in US markets. The content for SelectUSA is spot on -- they make the claim that the US is the world’s most lucrative market and back it up with comprehensive reports, infographics and more. They equip visitors with relevant industry information as well as information about events to learn more about investing. The site’s design is modern, clean and easy-to-use. And the navigation and content is made with the user in mind -- foreign businesses considering entering US markets. Overall, SelectUSA utilizes the versatility of Drupal’s platform to deliver unique content to its diverse audiences.  

Select USA Home Page

5. The White House

As the online hub of information for the office of the president, the highest government office, you would hope that the White House website would deliver superior quality. And it does. In 2009, the White House decided to re-launch their website using the Drupal CMS platform. They did so believing that the vast flexibility of the platform would allow citizens to be more engaged and more involved. The current website goes beyond just blogging with social plug-ins. It’s created a unified place to draw people for latest White House news called “The Briefing Room”. It’s laid out an easy-to-follow structure of the administration to detail how the White House works. And, it’s created mobile apps, RSS feeds, contact forms and ways to participate in events and schedule tours. As the pinnacle of US governmental agencies, the White House has set the stage by switching to Drupal to deliver a superior experience for its citizens with better design, content and UX. Many others have followed suit, and will continue to over the next several years.

The White House Home Page Example

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